Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Utama Content Disclaimer

Content Disclaimer


The individual / organisation or any subjects mentioned in this website is a mere suggestion & some gossips are not necessarily true. You are advised to make rational considerations.

Some of the rights and rights of certain parties contained in this website have been used without permission for identification purposes only. We do not have any relationship or sign any agreement with any parties other than as disclosed.

We also have no intention of making any profit from the information shared or attempting to break the ownership of any party.

We always respect the rights and the copyrights of others, including materials such as articles, pictures, music, videos or other materials used in articles or sections of this site. As such, we will backlink the original source at the end of each articles with minor formatting modification (if any) in accordance with the quality practiced by us but maintaining its original content as it is. If you (the content owner) feels that we need to remove the same from our site, please contact us and we will comply accordingly. 

This disclaimer and confidentiality note is written and valid as of 05 June 2018, it may be modified from time to time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to refer back to this page if there are any modifications made.

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